Instructions Online Reporting

In addition to filing claims via email at, employers can also choose to file electronically here on our website.   If filing electronically, the employer will not have to follow up with an email copy.

Step One - Register for online filing at, and click “Enter A New Claim” on the home page.  Complete the registration process and click Save Registration.


Step Two - Wait for approval, should take no more than 24 hours, and in most cases be approved by the end of the business day.

Step Three - You will receive email confirmation once approved.  When ready to enter claim, login by clicking the “Enter Your Claim” button on the home page.  Then select the Log In button under “If you are a Current User”.


Step Four - From this screen, print off any blank supporting PDF documents if you need copies.  If not, click Report A Claim button:


Step Five - Complete all fields to the best of your knowledge.   Please note Social Security Numbers will not be collected here due to security concerns.  If a mandatory field is not completed, you will be prompted to complete before submitting.


Step Six - Upload any supporting documents, such as witness statements, Medical release forms, etc., if available, by clicking the Upload File button and finding the document on your computer.


Step Seven - Click the Submit Form button.  You will be notified by email of your submission and provided a copy of your filing for your records.

Step Eight - If requested or if necessary, your adjuster will contact you for more information about the claim, typically within 24 hours.


If you need help or have questions, please contact Trena Jones @ 918-594-5170 or Richard M Fisher @ 918-594-5170.

Important Notes

  • Please file claims within 5-7 days of employer notice of injury, preferably within 2 to 3 days.
  • Do not send paper copy of the form to the Workers’ Compensation Commission.
  • Supporting documents are not required to submit a claim.  They can be emailed to adjuster later.
  • If you choose to file electronically, you do not have to follow up with the submission at
  • CBR will file the claim electronically with the Workers’ Compensation Commission.  The employer does not have to register with the WCC.
  • Adjuster will contact you most likely within 24 hours of submission.  If the claim is an incident only or a simple treat and release claim, you can select the “I do not wish to be contacted button”.  However, we recommend contact on most claims.  Adjuster will contact employee on all claims.
  • Submission of claims electronically through the CBR portal is completely voluntary.  You can continue to submit claims and supporting documents through