We manage workers’ compensation claims for approved self-insured employers and insurance groups. We can assist setting up new programs, or take over and improve existing programs.

Yes, CBR now offers our clients online claim reporting.  Just click on the “Client Login” button on the home page to access our online tool and additional claim forms.

Our well rounded and expansive expertise, our commitment to customer service, and our dedication to communication with client, employer, and employee. We can solve any workers’ compensation issue, and will dedicate ourselves to making sure your insurance program is successful.

Yes. CBR’s executive team are past Directors of Insurance at the Workers’ Compensation Court. We can give you an honest assessment of your program’s viability, and will work hand in hand through the governmental review process.

Yes. CBR works with many different insurance brokers and excess insurance carriers, and can help evaluate the pros and cons of a self-insured program.

Self-insurance means you do not buy a workers’ compensation policy for your workers’ compensation claims, but pay and handle the claims yourself rather than going through an insurance company. A company has to be approved by the State of Oklahoma to self-insure.

Insurance groups buy a workers’ compensation policy from a licensed carrier, but contract with a Third Party for claims administration and management.

With a first dollar workers’ compensation policy, you will never pay more than your audited premium for each year. With self-insurance, you can pay considerably less than first dollar workers’ compensation policy if you have a good claims years, but can pay significantly more if you have a bad claims year.

Yes. If you are a self-insured employer, you have control whether to accept or deny a claim, and whether to settle a claim, and for how much, amongst many other things.

Most self-insured employers buy Excess Workers’ Compensation insurance, to cap their losses at a certain dollar amount to protect the company’s assets.

Yes. CBR can provide custom reports and analysis to help you analyze your injuries, monitor and evaluate your program, and help prevent future losses.

Send a request to info@cbremail.com, or you can also give us a call at 918-594-5170